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Our philosophy

The way we do things

Our community of clients are hopeful romantics, who care deeply about the music they release. We share that sense of responsibility and pride, and we do what we do to help them get those releases into digital music services on time and in great quality, ready to be enjoyed by fans (including us).

In order to do this well, we always focus on the long term, and make decisions for the benefit of the whole CI community. That means we fully support and help to shape standardisation in the digital music supply chain, with a focus on the consistency and quality of the products and associated metadata that we deliver, as well as building our own systems to be reliable, efficient and effective.

By taking a long term, scalable approach over more than a decade, we have achieved industry-leading reliability and quality for our deliveries. This means that the online music services trust us and respect us as their peers, and in turn empowers our clients to retain control of how they run their digital business.

Our process

How it works

Get your deals in place

Because CI doesn’t represent your copyrights, you need to have commercial deals in place with the digital music services you want to deliver to. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds – non-profit indie rights agency Merlin have deals with many of the major services that you can opt into. CI can introduce you to Merlin if you get in touch with us, or you can contact them through their website.

We can also introduce you to the right business contacts at the services we work with, so you can do a deal with them direct.

Upload content

CI’s support team will help you provide your content to us, including audio files, metadata and artwork. We have a variety of different upload processes, to cater for all levels of technical skill and knowledge from Excel spreadsheets and manual uploading to server-to-server data transfer.

We provide automatic reporting on the success of the upload, or setting out the issues that might need to be corrected in order to successfully upload (such as missing metadata fields, for example).

Quality checking

Once content is within CI’s system, we run a series of over 70 separate checks on potential errors or issues within the metadata of your products, from capitalisation of artist names to genre-specific track titling conventions.

Again, we report any potential issues to you, so that you can check and either correct the issues or tell us that the metadata is as it should be.

Content delivery

CI is integrated with over 200 different download stores, streaming services, and other users of music or metadata such as Shazam and Gracenote, for example. Just provide a list of product barcodes and the services you want to send them to, and CI’s fully automated system will do the rest – encoding audio, collating metadata and delivering the product packages via the internet to the relevant services.

We even have a premium, 24-hour guaranteed delivery for those urgent releases that come up from time to time.

Get paid

Since CI doesn’t get involved in the commercial relationships you have with the music services, they pay you directly for the sales or streams of the music you represent.

If you are using the Merlin commercial deals, then the funds come back to you via Merlin, and as a non-profit Merlin retains an extremely low share of revenues to fund their operations.

Why CI?

100% Independent

No major label involvement means we’re on your side. No venture capital investment means we can think long term.


We made 20 million deliveries in 2015 to over 200 services, and we hold a total catalogue of almost 2.5 million tracks. Our systems are built to scale easily.


Join the biggest and most influential labels and distributors in global independent music as part of the CI client community.


We never fail to deliver. Our servers are in data centres which are also used by major financial institutions. Your content is safe and secure with CI.

About CI

Since 2003, CI has been delivering digital music for the independent sector, from labels, distributors and aggregators to download and streaming services. We help the indies deliver content to at least the same technical standard as the majors, helping to level the digital playing field for independents.

Our HQ

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